Encino Environmental Services, LLC

Encino Environmental Services, LLC

Fund: BP Natural Gas Opportunity Partners LP, II

Date of Commitment: October 2020

Encino Environmental Services is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in emissions testing, leak detection and repair (LDAR) and continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMs). Encino's innovative custom environmental solutions and proprietary data systems assist customers to adhere to federal, state and other rules and regulations as well as identify, measure and minimize emissions. The company is also developing programs that enable customers to establish, meet and report corporate ESG efforts.

Contact Encino Environmental Services:
      Joe Etheridge
      Vice President
      Office:       281.201.3544
      Mobile:     713.591.4127
      Email:        joe@encinoenviron.com
      Website:   www.encinoenviron.com
      LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/company/encino-environmental-services

      R. Graham Whaling
      Chief Executive Officer
      Mobile:      713.817.8424
      Email:        graham@encinoenviron.com